Petrol Hoers @ The Fulford Arms, York

@ The Fulford Arms

With Give In, Charogne Stone, Jeanot Lou Paysan

Venue Details

121 Fulford Rd, York, YO10 4EX, United Kingdom

York hard-hitting heavyweights, some crazy French guys and a Horse. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Give In play intense metalcore and come from York. The band is heavier than a concrete donkey and were obvious choices to headline this epic event of heavy music.

Charogne Stone is a one-man hardcore band. Yes, you read that right! A drum-hammering screamer who plays to a backing track.

Petrol Hoers needs no introduction. A partyhorse that has had airplay on BBC Radio 6 no less! This wonderhorse even made it into the BBC Radio 6 “highlights of 2019” !!! That’s a winning racehorse right there. Horse.

Jeanot Lou Paysan is touring with Charogne Stone and will open up this event with some very dancy, very electro-y jungle/punk.

£5 on the door
First act at 8pm