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Petrol Hoers is a performer, producer and also a horse.

“Petrol Hoers is one of the oddest and most original artists its ever been my pleasure to come across in the last 15 years of BBC Introducing”

Tom Robinson – BBC Introducing Mixtape

Formed in 2013, Petrol Hoers is the pioneer of the “digital horsecore” genre mixing extreme electronica, metal guitars and absurdist comedy.

Hoers has built a reputation for intense, chaotic and surreal live shows including Balter festival 2022, Beat Herder festival in 2019, a set at Donkstock in 2018, headline shows in support of Beat:Cancer and the establishment of Hoers’ own “weird cabaret” festival, Hoersfest. Since the end of 2021 Hoers has embarked on two successful UK tours totalling 30 dates.

The latest album, “Oh I Don’t Know, Just Horse Stuff, I Guess” features drum and bass beats, raging punk guitars and shout along vocal hooks and was released on Horse Box Records in August 2019, preceded by the singles “Music Is Serious Business” and “#Horseproblems”. #Horseproblems has received airplay on local and national radio, being featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC Music Introducing Mixtape in September 2019 and then again as part of the “best of 2019” show at the end of the year.

  1. #Horseproblems Petrol Hoers 3:20